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Castlegar Computers has proudly been your local one stop shop for electronics repair since 2011.  Specializing in computer and smartphone repair.  We also sell new Desktop Computers built with the latest hardware components.  Our Desktop Systems are manufactured on site.   This ensures our customers get the highest quaility product with no bloatware.  We also stock a wide variety of new and refurbised laptops, tablets a smartphones.

Viruses Removal

Viruses damage your computers software and operating system.  They make your computer slow, and sometimes even destory your files.  We can eliminate viruses and malware from your system.  Our comprehensive viruses removal service will remove any and all threats plaguing your system. The service also includes the best  antivirus software to help keep your computer safe and clean.

Drive Upgrade

Is your system excruciatingly slow?   Does your hard drive sound like its dying?  If so we suggest a drive upgrade.  Mechanical disk drives wear out from years of spining.  Now the age of the disk is over!  Changing your hard "disk" drive into a solid state drive will make your system 10x faster!  Solid State Drives or SSD's have no moving parts, low power consumption and never get hot.  Our drive upgrade service will replace your existing hard drive to a new Solid State Drive.  This operation can be done one of two ways.  Cloning will move all your files and software from your Hard Drive and make an exact copy to the new SSD.  A fresh install will put a fresh copy of Windows, OSX, or Linux on the new Drive.  Both methods result in a computer that is now faster that when it was purchased!

Custom Computers

If your not sure what your looking for when it comes time to upgrade, tell us what you want to be able to do with your computer, and we can build it for you.  From simple general browsing, to professional editing and gaming, we build the computer thats right for you.

If your having a problem with your computer, cellphone, tablet or any electronic device, bring it in and have it diagnosed by one of our professionals. Never accept or phone call about your computer from anyone you do not know!  Never call a number from a webpage claiming you have "viruses"!  Never give your information to anyone claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple.!  Never allow someone to remotly control your computer!  These are all ways attackers use to gain access your  personal data and information.  If you suspect you have been victim to one of these attacks, unplug your computer right away and bring it to your local computer repair professional.  

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